Tank Fuel Spare Made in Italy
Tank and Spare Parts Made in Italy


CLEANING OF TANKS, OR: WE HEAL THE HOPELESS. GUARANTEED. Our staff is highly specialized in the remediation of every type of tank, of vintage cars and not. The first operation to be executed is the cleaning of the outside of the tank.

The pressing at 1 bar (atmosphere) in a water tub follows in order to detect any leaks.

At this point two or three cuts are performed, 10 x 10 cm approximately, depending on the type of tank and possibly in correspondence with the worn surfaces identified in the previous phase, which in any case should be replaced. The cuts allow to reach with the appropriate brushes the inner surfaces of the tank, in order to remove possible scaling and every trace of dirt.

If it is necessary we replace the internal bulkheads and the tub where the dip-tube is, in case the inspection has revealed an excessive deterioration due to rust.

When the cleaning operation is complete, new pieces of sheet metal are brass welded to replace the cut portions. The brass welding is less aggressive than the other ones: in this way it does not cause any corrugation of the metal sheets and it absolutely does not affect the strength of the structure.

After welding operations, in obedience to our high quality standards, the tank is pressed again at 1 bar (atmosphere) and controlled in a water tub, to get the mathematical certainty that there are no leaks.

Then there is the rinse with nitro solvent followed by an appropriate drying period.

When the tank is dry we proceed with the lining of the inner sheets with Tankerite diluted in alcohol at 95 °, in the right proportions.

The drying of the Tankerite requires at least 9 days, during which it is absolutely necessary not to introduce the fuel within the tank.

In the case, it is reported to the customer when the tank can be used safely.

The coating operation via Tankerite is performed with suitable devices adapted to prevent accumulation of material inside. The position of the tank is in fact changed every half an hour for an appropriate period of time, and repeatedly compressed air is blown into the tubes of the input and output of the fuel or venting.

The remediation is completed by spray painting of a special fund called primer followed by semi-gloss black paint.

For the high quality of the offered service, the warranty that we provide is not less than 10 years.

The average delivery time of the recovered tank is about two working weeks, starting from the entrance of the product in the workshop.