Tank Fuel Spare Made in Italy
Tank and Spare Parts Made in Italy


TANK FIAT PANDA 4X4 CARBURATOR MODEL - Code SCB181-83 All our Panda tanks are printed in high quality metal sheet, galvanized on both sides and with a thickness of 1.5 mm (compared to 8 tenths thickness of the original Fiat tank).

They are welded using a welding roller machine controlled by a PLC; after welding operations, in obedience to our high quality standards, they are pressed at 1 bar (atmosphere) and controlled in a water tub, because each tank made by CTR must be 100% guaranteed.

We use powder painting, which is the best protection for a tank whose position is facing the ground and next to the wheel.

In 99% of cases the inlet pipe fuel, which is connected to the rubber sleeve, is oval shaped; for part of the cars which have been exported (mainly in Austria), the inlet pipe fuel can be round shaped with a diameter of 50 mm. If the car was originally destined for export, it’s good to control.

Due to the high quality of the product, the warranty that we provide is not less than 40 years. However, it does not cover any damage caused by impacts.

Our tank is, in the shape as in the dimensions, absolutely identical to the original model, which has been faithfully reproduced; This guarantees a smooth and perfect installation.

In addition to the purely commercial one, our mission is to provide a tank that, due to the nature of the fluid which must contain, has an absolutely unobjectionable level of security.

The manufacture of our tanks is visually remarkable also thanks to the stamping of superior quality.

The product is always available. The delivery time is 24 to 48 hours according to the destination.